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“I wanted to reach out on behalf of the team and just say that we had a blast at the trivia event today! Our host was awesome and so engaging – and the categories, challenging!”

Julie P.

Entertaining companies, schools and groups large and small.

Red Ventures
St. Albans School

Fun Made Easy

Bring Your Team Together With Trivia

Whether you're a trivia whiz or just looking to get to know your teammates better, Trivvy has something for you.

Everything On One Screen

Say goodbye to that awkward combo of Zoom and Google Forms and Slack. Now you can focus on having fun :)

Professional Hosts

Our trained quizmasters know how to keep things fun and engaging for everyone, like it's their job. (It is!)

Awesome Questions

Themed rounds, quickfire mode, audio/visual questions - variety is the spice of life, and trivia!

Simple Upfront Pricing

Up to 90 Minutes of Live Trivia Fun

We take care of everything -- hosting, questions, live video, scoring. All you have to do is dial in and have a good time.

What's Included

  • A Professional Trivia Host Leading The Game

  • Choose The Trivia Questions For Your Team

  • Individual or Team-Based Play (Our recommendation: try out teams!)

  • Video call integrated into the app. Chat with your team as you play!

Choose Your Team Size
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