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8 Tips for Hosting a Flawless Virtual Event

Tom Wright  •  Updated Sep 2, 2021

Here are 8 tips that can help anyone, whether you're totally new to virtual events or can host them in your sleep, make sure that everyone at your next virtual event has a blast.

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Whether you’re organizing a huge office get together, a casual happy hour, or a more close knit team meeting, virtual events are hard to nail. And trust me, I’ve run over 300 virtual trivia nights, scavenger hunts, escape rooms - you name it - in this last year alone.

Thankfully, we’ve found so many ways to connect that are a lot more fun than a Zoom “Happy” Hour. So if you’re thinking of putting together a virtual event by yourself or with a Trivvy, check out these eight tips on how to make it a memorable hour that your teammates are actually going to want to log on for.

Know what your team is into

Each office has its own culture and each department may have their own vibes within that. Given the plethora of virtual event platforms, it’s key that you know what kind of players and people are signing up. Are they hardcore pub trivia buffs? Maybe they’re creatives who would normally do a paint n’ sip? Or are you looking to bring them together with team building activities? Whatever the case is, organize your event with a focus.

Raise the stakes!

Even if you aren’t playing for a new car, having some sort of prize is a fun incentive for players throughout the game. Engrave some small trophies! Give away some swag! Toss in a Chili’s gift card! I’ve even seen a company give their winning teams customized Zoom backgrounds drawn by their design department. The world is your oyster for virtual prizes!

Celebrating something? Let the event producers know!

As hosts, it is so much more enjoyable when we’re in on the celebration. And when the host is having fun, the players will have more fun too! If there’s a special occasion, a birthday, or some marquee company event happening, let us know so we can make that part of the personalized game.

If you customize trivia, make it fun and tough

Too often, office managers will send in custom trivia questions about the company that feel pulled from a pamphlet at reception. If you’re creating custom trivia questions, make them compelling. Throw in some questions about the people that work there. Maybe a few about the latest and greatest deals and projects. It’s also a great opportunity for folks to get to know the C-Suite that they may not always interact with.

Make logging in a breeze

If you’re organizing a virtual event, a top priority is ease of access. Make sure to work with your event planner to draft a comprehensive, clear, and digestible invite email. Pro Tip: if making a GCal invite, make sure to remove any Google Meet conferencing so folks don’t go to the wrong link out of instinct.

Iron out the tech

Talk with your event producer about any common pitfalls with their platform. (It’s 2021 but we’re always learning a new thing about Zoom.) Some common ones include: VPN limitation; headphone requirements; solving for people in the same physical space (and creating feedback).

Don’t Stress

Your event planners have been running these virtual events for over a year now. While there will always be bugs and glitches (we are at the behest of the machine, after all), trust that you’re in the hands of professional, life-long hosts who want you to have the best event possible.

Have fun!

And of course, make sure you HAVE! FUN! Anytime you’re planning an event, your focus can be elsewhere, but try to sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Your co-workers will be throwing virtual flowers after it’s all said and done.

Good luck and see you online!