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Top Team Building Painting Events

Shirley Reardon  •  Updated Dec 12, 2021

Throughout this article, we will discuss what a team building painting project looks like, why it is a good choice, and how it performs in a virtual environment. In addition, we will also survey some of the top providers of team-based painting for your group.

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Team Building exercises bring your team together to help improve team work, build team morale, and develop company culture in the workplace. While it may initially seem like a solo activity, painting can be a collaborative effort that expands as more people join in. Whether everyone has an easel or is working on a collective mural, art meetups are a relaxing and fun option that build real teamwork.

Throughout this article, we will discuss what a team building art project looks like, why it is a good choice, and how it performs in a virtual environment. In addition, we will also survey some of the top providers of team-based painting for your group.

What Does a Painting Team Building Event Look Like?

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Collaborative art events take many forms, but they all follow a similar structure. Organizers begin by seeking out a team painting activity night vendor. They book a date, pay a deposit, and decide whether their event will take place virtually or in person. An event planner will contact the organizer to negotiate the remainder of the fees.

Vendors ship the necessary materials to participants ahead of time. At the appointed time, a lead painter starts the class.

Lead painters are professionally trained artists that can assist your team in the activity. They carefully instruct each group member and oversee their painting process. Participants typically choose a design out of hundreds as a template for their artwork. Lead painters guide the artists through the background, foreground, and detailing of each piece, answering questions along the way.

Some services provide access to an in-depth video tutorial for the painting process rather than a live instructor. While this does come at a cheaper cost, it is less interactive if someone in your group has questions or concerns. These tutorials typically accommodate all levels of painter skill.

Depending on the specifics of the group’s activity night, everyone may choose to paint the same design. This creates a more collaborative team-building event as the group instructs and references each other in their creativity. On the other hand, picking different designs is more standard for virtual meetings.

Some painting events teach collaborative art in the form of murals and large artworks. In these events, participants all contribute to the same masterpiece on a big canvas. Collaborative painting teaches a group that their combined efforts can create a beautiful result.

Each painting session tends to last between one and two hours. In-person meetups are shorter while virtual gatherings last longer. In addition, in-person meetings have lower participant limits than online meetings. A minimum participant count is usually in effect when ordering a team painting event service.

The price varies by service, but most event vendors have a minimum price per person. Participants can choose whether they want to purchase event supplies like acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases. Anyone is free to use their equipment instead. Some basic supplies such as paper plates are typically not provided.

Like many other team building events, art gatherings are often compatible with add-ons. Extras ship at the same time as the other supplies. Some examples of add-ons include alcoholic beverage sets, custom packaging, snack baskets, and sweets. In addition, organizers can include prizes for giveaways or contests as extras to enhance the event.

Why is Painting Good for Team Building?

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Now that you know the basic structure of art-based team building events, let’s discuss the impacts of collaborative painting on team building.

Members Have Fun and Share Memories

First, team art projects allow your group members to have fun together. Team building is a more effective work function where participants can relax and enjoy activities at their leisure in a creative setting. Whether or not each participant is serious about art, being able to work together as a team and express creative freedom can help improve the overall productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Studies show that a team's engagement outside of formal meetings or work settings can help increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Team building events like painting offer a new work environment that can be refreshing for team members to experience. Taking a break from the ordinary routine of work is a great way to increase employee communication which shows productivity increases in the workplace.

Members Learn Crucial Collaboration Skills

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Second, since team painting is a collaborative experience, participants will not only have fun but improve crucial skills. Communication, expressiveness, and cooperation are just a handful of the lessons a painting team building exercise teaches employees.

The kind of team art project you choose can impact this as well. Participants who paint the same designs learn to compare and contrast, discuss, and collaborate on their paintings. They also learn to appreciate the creative differences and skills of one another.

Painting Leads to Conversation

Third, team painting activities give group members the chance to talk. The busy workplace life sometimes limits intimate discussion, which is where friendships form. Art-based exercises are leisurely and calm which can promote conversation. If you want your team to work better with one another, the key is to help them build workplace friendships and trust through communication.

In a virtual meeting, granting opportunities to talk encourages participants to show their children, pets, or other things that they enjoy. Group members can relate to each other like never before over hobbies or similar lifestyles.

Art Stimulates the Brain

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Lastly, creative expression through painting offers several mental health benefits that can improve teamwork. Artistic activities improve the imagination and encourage optimism and hope. This is just what our brains need to combat the occasional stagnation of the office.

Painting, drawing, and other creative activities stimulate the prefrontal cortex, which regulates dopamine. Increased blood flow to this part of the brain causes artists to feel a rewarding sense of enjoyment and relaxation. It also means that art can heighten someone’s sense of motivation, which can have positive effects on team building.

Art also lowers physical and mental stress and improves focus. Both of these are critical to being a reliable member of a team, especially when tackling tough projects. These are just a few of the psychological benefits painting can produce.

How Does a Virtual Team Building Painting Event Work?

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A virtual iteration of the event is comparable to an in-person meeting in many ways. Materials are still shipped to each participant in advance of the date. Virtual meet-ups tend to have longer runtimes. This is because participants usually need more thorough instructions in the absence of a live example.

Vendors accommodate all major meeting platforms, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. Virtual events usually involve an in-depth tutorial video rather than a live painter, although it varies by service.

Due to the limitations of virtual meetings, participants most often paint the same design as a group. This encourages and aids communication if a group member needs help. After finishing the tutorial video and painting along, each member shows off their artwork to the camera, offering each other praise and feedback.

Who are the Best Painting Team Building Vendors?

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In the wake of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, there are many more vendors for team building activities than you might expect. Painting and trivia are some of the most popular team building events due to their flexibility and virtual accommodation.

Offering at home team building exercises offer participants a safe and comfortable environment to interact with their team in a less formal setting.

Here are some of our best picks for team painting vendors.

Paint Nite by Yaymaker

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Paint Nite is one of many team building activities by Yaymaker. In-person and virtual events are available. This service has a minimum participant count of 15, so even if fewer participants attend the event you'll still be charged and shipped materials for 15 participants. The maximum participant count is 300 people for in-person meetings and 2,000 people for virtual meet-ups.

The cost per person is $19 and supply kits cost $40 each. Guests are welcome to use their materials instead. Paint Nite supply kits include six acrylic paint colors, brushes, and a canvas. Domestic shipping is free, but international shipping incurs extra fees. Extra event planning fees apply to both in-person and virtual Paint Nite events.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from with Paint Nite, and the event features a talented live instructor. The instructor will guide everyone at a patient’s pace either in person or virtually. Each session lasts between one and two hours.

Paint Nite is compatible with many different add-ons, including celebrity hosts, alcoholic beverage sets, door prize kits, and gourmet snack baskets.

Paint Nite caters well to large groups and has the advantage of live instructions. Additionally, the add-ons can transform your group’s painting experience.

Painting to Gogh

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Painting to Gogh is a virtual painting party service that works well for team events. The vendor provides an in-depth video tutorial rather than a live instructor, but groups can still host the event in person together. There is no participant minimum with Painting to Gogh.

This art service has the advantage of multiple packages to choose from. The studio kit costs $49.99 and includes an easel, one canvas, acrylic paints, a disposable apron, five brushes, a paper palette, and access to the video tutorial. The essentials kit costs $39.99 and has everything except the easel.

The kit shipping cost is $7.99, but orders over $60 ship for free. Shipping is only available to the contiguous United States, so this service does not ship internationally.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from, and each participant paints the same design. Since there is no live instructor included with Painting to Gogh, the meetings can be scheduled at any time and there are no event planning fees. Participants have access to the video tutorials for six months after purchase, so they can order the kits well in advance.

Painting to Gogh has serviced big industry names like Google, Samsung, and Apple. The vendor offers more in-depth material kits than other team painting events and offers a wide variety of scheduling freedom. After factoring in other costs, Painting to Gogh is one of the cheapest quality options.

Painting with a Twist

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Painting with a Twist is an in-person team building art provider. The service is for adults and encourages participants to bring their preferred alcoholic beverage to the meeting. A Painting with a Twist studio will send the instructor and all the necessary materials to your office at the appointed date and time. This service is also compatible with private parties and get-togethers.

You must book a specific date with this service. The price and conditions vary by region. Organizers can choose a two-hour or three-hour class. They can also choose whether the group will paint a design, collaborate on a mural, or enjoy freestyle painting during that time slot.

Since this service only applies to in-person meetings, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Event planning fees do apply.

Painting with a Twist excels at providing a leisurely adult painting experience. The service offers longer classes than other vendors, prolonging the fun. Unfortunately, this service does not cater to virtual groups, but many other options do.


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Whether you're committing to an in-person or virtual team building exercise, painting creates an environment that can easily bring a group together in the workplace.

After the artwork is complete, participants are sure to keep their painting as memories of the experience. They can even be hung around your workspace to demonstrate the fruits of collaboration and imagination.

The memories and friendships made at these events will have a lasting impact on your group’s relationships, cooperation, and trust. With the proven spike in productivity from an increase in team communication, there's no doubt you'd want to incorporate these team building exercises into your workplace.

There are many more team building art project services to choose from all across the United States. Once you enlist the right service for you, it’s simply a matter of picking up a brush and having a great time.